Download vmnetcfg.exe & vmnetcfglib.dll for VMware Player

Download list updated on 03-March-2016

Update 22-Sept-2016

Using VMware Workstation Player 12.5.0? Please download vmnetcfg.exe for v12.1.0 below and copy/paste it into your Program Files (x86) folder. It will work just fine.

>> Note: the extraction command no longer works from version 12.x onwards. If you want to obtain the vmnetcfg.exe file yourself instead of downloading it from here, you will have to:

  1. Download and install VMware Workstation Pro 12.x.
    2. Copy the vmnetcfg.exe file from the “Program Files” folder.
    3. Uninstall VMware Workstation Pro 12.x.
    4. Install VMware Workstation Player 12.x.
    5. Copy the vmnetcfg.exe file you saved to the “Program Files” folder.
    —Thanks to TUC in the comments below for their help with this.

Download list

For VMware Workstation Player 12.1.0: Download
For VMware Workstation Player 12.0.0: Download
For VMware Player 7.1.2: Download
For VMware Player 7.1.1: Download
For VMware Player 7.1.0: Download
For VMware Player 7.0.0: Download
For VMware Player 6.0.6: Download
For VMware Player 6.0.5: Download
For VMware Player 6.0.4: Download
For VMware Player 6.0.3: Download
For VMware Player 6.0.2: Download
For VMware Player 6.0.1: Download

For VMware Player 6.0.0: Download


SHA1 Sums:
70bbbeffbd353ed446f5b67e1c0fa3410c4c4e97  vmnetcfg_VMware_Workstation_Player_12.1.0.7z
0debfc0ed021d5df2708e997244759d8ecc9907d  vmnetcfg_VMware_Workstation_Player_12.0.0.rar
f8ac4d9061295102bbcab628bda3081414ad1fff  vmnetcfg_VMware_Player_7.0.0.rar
2efe04d028b7b802199d05832efb16168b104267  vmnetcfg_VMware_Player_6.0.6.rar
5a12529b94399a15492e179832fe8619b14f1d30  vmnetcfg_VMware_Player_6.0.5.rar
abba9f5be7d25ff326f88103b064b39e084ec33e  vmnetcfg_VMware_Player_6.0.4.rar
5294a7e7559dfdbaf316c0eb2927532ccd0be808  vmnetcfg_VMware_Player_6.0.3.rar
dc53d34cb1a23b49eb19b135e27525d31db24fac  vmnetcfg_VMware_Player_6.0.2.rar
1fb7412f21318ad3e68c056bd09467cc97d346e8  vmnetcfg_VMware_Player_6.0.1.rar
7e0ad70bb501142375bc2c69072372c82409309e  vmnetcfg_VMware_Player_6.0.0.rar

MD5 Sums:
541bbc4a52ccef9e9da369c7ed05f083  vmnetcfg_VMware_Workstation_Player_12.1.0.7z
08d47f470ab1b359ed0d7a2e1a9d44eb  vmnetcfg_VMware_Workstation_Player_12.0.0.rar
6cc1efa8f61db4f03b96b8cdaa378ea9  vmnetcfg_VMware_Player_7.0.0.rar
a62feca656e620fabdf57c3ae3160367  vmnetcfg_VMware_Player_6.0.6.rar
d9c46bb6134c1e05c6c980fd05443633  vmnetcfg_VMware_Player_6.0.5.rar
da7c675f9351aff44e627bdfd32b3f4b  vmnetcfg_VMware_Player_6.0.4.rar
383746a8ffa9407feba34906eb8a775b  vmnetcfg_VMware_Player_6.0.3.rar
2981703dc6c894d8f7bd6d3af4b8d949  vmnetcfg_VMware_Player_6.0.2.rar
b951dbc87a1775814ece046ee42d72fd  vmnetcfg_VMware_Player_6.0.1.rar
54ad88db31def3ef531851adf6949ec8  vmnetcfg_VMware_Player_6.0.0.rar

Update: 23-April-2014
>> If you have, for example, VMware Player 6.0.2, you must use the vmnetcfg.exe and vmnetcfglib.dll files provided specifically for version 6.0.2. All I ask of you my dear reader is to request for new files in the comments below every time you need updated files when VMware releases newer versions such as 6.0.3, 6.0.4, and so on, in the future.


These two files inside the RAR archive will save you from downloading VMware Workstation version 10.0.1 or version 10.0.2 (which are 490 MB in size) depending on whether you have VMware player 6.0.1 or 6.0.2.

I obtained those two files from VMware Workstation 10 using:

C:\Downloads>VMware-workstation-full-10.0.1-1379776.exe /e extract

Then I looked for file and extracted vmnetcfg.exe and _vmnetcfglib.dll from it. Then I renamed _vmnetcfglib.dll to vmnetcfglib.dll (removed underscore).

Now in your case, this is the only thing you have to do:

Copy the two files  vmnetcfg.exe and vmnetcfglib.dll to your VMware Player directory which resides in Program Files or Program Files (x86).

For example, copy to the following path:

C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Player

Then run vmnetcfg.exe and you will see the following… and you know what to do next 🙂 Thank you for reading!



43 thoughts on “Download vmnetcfg.exe & vmnetcfglib.dll for VMware Player

  1. Hi,
    Facing the same issue with VMware Player (Workstation) 16.
    I downloaded Workstation 16, extracted the .exe then looked into the
    There was only the vmnetcfg.exe file and no signe of _vmnetcfglib.dll (or I was too tired to found it).
    So I copied vmnetcfg.exe to the vmware program folder and tried it and it still works great. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

  2. For newer versions there is no need to install Workstation PRO, just download the installer, execute the installer with /x option, this will unpack file to %temp% folder, search there for the most recent folder, open VMwareWorkstation.msi with 7-zip or similar programs, open or extract and extract vmnetcfg.exe from there. Now just copy the file to your VMWare Player folder.


    1. Thank you for your useful comment and input!

      To my beloved readers: please note that I am not claiming to have tested the method stated by Thiago Alves above, but by just reading his instructions, it makes sense. Please feel free to try his method and report your findings if you wish to do so.


  3. Thank you download works, unfortunately this virtual network editor does not allow to dedicate host NIC to guests only on vmware player 12.1.
    On host NIC i selected only vmware bridge protocol.
    Then I defined vmnet2 as bridged to host NIC.
    Guests have no internet access when using such custom vmnet2.
    However when i select additionally also tcpip protocol for host NIC, guest vm regains internet access.
    Anybody can help how to make host NIC available only for guests?
    Is this Player 12.1 limitation?


    1. Hi James. Thank you for sharing your problem. I’m afraid I cannot help you with that as I haven’t experimented with these options yet. Nevertheless, I do encourage my dear visitors to shed some light on this matter, so as to help you (and potentially future visitors with the same issue).


  4. Thank you. The 12.1 link you provide on MediaFire seems to work on VMWare Player 12.5. Windows 10 upgraded itself to 1607 last night, which broke my VMWare Player’s NAT adapters. I am hoping to use the Virtual Network Editor to fix the issue.


      1. Thank you Kyle. I hope you were able to fix the bridged adapters after Windows 10’s latest update. I believe the latest Windows build is 14393.187 (version 1607 like you mentioned), isn’t it?


    1. I’ll extract and upload it within the next 24 hours. Hopefully, there are no changes to the (already complicated) extraction process.
      I’ll keep you posted.

      Thank you for making the request.


    1. Thanks for the heads up. Please share your thoughts if you have better free host suggestions with download counters.


      1. How much Traffic are these Downloads producing? What was wrong with the old way? I would host this on my own webserver with wordpress download plugin. But I guess you have your reasons. 🙂 Cheers and Thanks. Downloaded it from home.


  5. Hello,
    I would like to let you know that for vmware version 12.1.0 build-3272444 as of December 2015, the exe you provide does not work. I did the full method of downloading the pro version, installing, and getting the said file. With this new version I could use the utility.


    1. First of all – great site — But the guide does not work for VMplayer 12

      Someone said: Would appreciate a link for VMware Workstation 12 Player =)

      I had the same problem. VMware-player-12.0.0-xxxx.exe is NOT extractable. ONLY GOD KNOWS WHY THEY DIDN’T MAKE THE vmnetcfe.exe AVAILABLE WHEN INSTALLING THE PLAYER.

      Well – I used some time on this as well and I actually became quite angry. The software is useless without the network config feature!!! So why didn’t they just add it?

      The fix…

      I installed the trail version of VM Vorkstation Pro – version 12 (downloaded from their site as well as the player). In the installation folder (program files … WMware Workstation) the vmnetcfe.exe was thankfully there. I then simply copied it to my desktop, uninstalled the VMware Pro trail version, and then installed the VMplayer again. Finally I copied the vmnetcfe.exe to the player installation folder and ran it. And go figure – IT ACTUALLY WORKS WITH THE FREE PLAYER 🙂

      Only one question remains in my mind: Are the VMware developers trying to make us buy some version of their software that supports network configuration, or is it just plain stupid design? Go figure.


      1. I finally got my hands on a Windows virtual machine and was able to update the post. I was having some issues with the Linux kernel, but those issues have been rectified. Thank you once again.


    1. You’re welcome. I realize that VMware Player 7.x.x only contains the executable. From user feedback and extensive testing, indeed I was able to confirm that the .dll file need not be provided with the downloads anymore.


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