Download Ninite Flash Player Updater

Update: 03-Mar-2016
>> Download links now point to MediaFire.

Flash player updater has since been pulled from the Ninite installer.

I obtained the file from Computer Wizard Indianapolis who was so kind to make it available to everyone since 2013.


The installer contains both versions of Flash Player; IE and non-IE version. The only way I ever install Flash in Windows is by using this file, because it saves me unnecessary steps. I simply cannot bother downloading the executable file from Adobe’s website.


Thank you for reading!



“The Easiest, Fastest Way to Update or Install Software.” It’s also free of charge.

Tired of re-installing software individually (one by one) after formatting your computer?
What about all the cluttered setup files that keep piling up due to constant updates?

Use Ninite. It’s mostly useful if you have several programs that you’d like to install in one go (“minus the toolbars and other junk”) and if you don’t like clicking Next.. Next.. Next in the installation wizard.