Charlie Charlie Challenge – A Muslim’s Point of View

Just got wind of this new trend. It’s been two days (at the time of writing this post) since the Charlie Charlie Challenge has gone viral. I decided to write this post because this particular tweet grabbed my attention:

It does not matter whether this is real, staged, caused by gravity, or the pencil moves with the faintest blow of naturally flowing air currents. As muslims, we shouldn’t even think about attempting this, let alone actually doing it! A mu’min realizes and believes that there are other entities that live in this world. Those are angels and jinn, and other beings that only Allah knows of.

It may look like an innocent “experiment”. However, understand that something which may seem trivial to humans might not be so trivial to Allah. Besides, if this were to ever be deemed real, then perhaps the cross has something to do with it. Yet, think about it.. summoning demons is not simple. As far as I know, it can only be done by real wizards or witches who practice real magic to communicate with jinn and other entities.

In spite of all the above-mentioned; since the intention is clearly to summon a jinn (or as non-muslims call it spirit) by using those two crossed pencils, then this might turn out to be a legitimate act – unbeknownst to anyone performing it. Allah knows best.

So please, for your safety and sanity, do not ever think about trying this.

Thank you for reading!


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