Recover Missing FlashGot Media Button

NOTE: This article is applicable to Firefox only.


In Firefox, you used to have the FlashGot media button Capture somewhere on your toolbar. For whatever reason, now it’s gone and you cannot find it. Fiddling with FlashGot’s options also doesn’t seem to help.



Step 1

The icon only shows up when a video is detected. Open this video. Give the video 3 seconds to load first, then pause it.

Step 2

Click the menu button. Mine is located at the top right. Then click “Customize”.


Step 3

Chances are the FlashGot media button is either hiding here on the top left side of the address bar, like so:


…or on the bookmarks toolbar, like so:


…or somewhere in the “Additional Tools and Features” panel:


Step 4

While still in “Customize” mode, drag and drop the FlashGot Media button to wherever you like on the toolbar. I like to put mine here, as it is neighbors with the “Downloads” button:



Left-clicking the FlashGot Media button opens a window like the one below. That is NOT what we want (at least that’s NOT what I want). In fact, we wouldn’t need to go through all the above if we wanted to see the window below.


Actually, if we wanted to see the above window, the button below would be sufficient to do that:


Do the following instead


Step 1

Right-click the FlashGot Media button.


Step 2

Navigate to “Available formats”. I always like to download 720p or 1080p resolutions if they are available. Choose your desired format.


Step 3

A window will pop-up asking where you want to save the video. This only happens the first time you use the FlashGot Media Button. After you choose a location, the video will start downloading. The next time you do this, FlashGot will not ask you to choose a location again, it will simply download it to your last chosen folder.


What makes using the FlashGot Media button so convenient is the fact that you can download a video in a certain format in just 2 clicks. I hope you found this useful.

Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “Recover Missing FlashGot Media Button

  1. This is very helpful. The bunny eating raspberry is so cute I wouldn’t mind watching over & over again. I hope I can get the Flashgot to work. Thx so much.


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