Download Firefox 28 Or Older

Update: 29-Nov-2014
I upgraded to Firefox 33.1.1 and am using the new Firefox Sync.

Update: 29-Sept-2014
I will soon be forced to upgrade to the latest version simply because I use Firefox Sync, and the old Firefox Sync which I’m using will be retired soon.

NOTICE: This article assumes you know your way around an FTP site 🙂

I was pissed at the new user interface Mozilla Firefox 29 had to offer. I decided it was less customizable and it “hurt” my eyes, so I reverted back to Firefox 28. Having said that, if you wish to download Firefox 28 (or older versions), simply visit Mozilla’s FTP site:

Firefox 28:

All other versions:

If you are interested in keeping Firefox 29 installation, but wish to get back the old “look” as much as possible, then you may try:

Disclaimer: My dear reader, this is my opinion at the time of writing this post. Don’t patronize me if I change my mind in the future (it may happen). Also, I am not resistant to good change; only bad change.



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