Don’t Fight It.. The Truth Will Forever Prevail

This is a post for atheists/free thinkers and I hope it will make you wonder a bit.
Why is it that when you’re really in trouble or shocked by something, feeling sudden pain or something really bad happens to you; the first three words that come out of your mouth are “Oh my God!” ???

I’ll tell you why. The reason is because deep down – your subconscious, heart, soul or whatever you want to call it – does believe in one entity that is far more superior to you and much more powerful than you. This is not a contest of who is correct and who is not. Believe me you, I know what is going through you mind right this moment.

Any normal atheist/free thinker with a healthy brain knows deep down that they are at war with this thought, which is a fact – they are at war with the thought of the existence of one God, one Allah, and they hate being reminded of it. You simply cannot deny what is there. That is, you cannot state that there is no Allah while there is. It’s almost like stating that you have no eyes that you can see with, while you do! With all due respect, that’s just lunatic.

Tell me, if Islam was not the one and only true religion, why is it that it is the ONLY religion under constant verbal attack in the world. Why does the west want to reduce the Muslims’ population???

I will give you a simple example and you shall answer that question easily.

Remember when you were at school. Remember that kid in class who always had the highest grades and everyone would look down at him/her in jealousy knowing very well that this kid is probably working harder and smarter, and the others would always try to bring him/her down in any way they can.

Now relate this with the question above. Remember, this is just a simple, somewhat incomparable-to-religion example. But I had to think of something simple for you to recognize. It doesn’t require a smart person to get it. No, I’m not stating that you’re an idiot, I’m just saying it’s easy to understand. Remember, I’m not here to offend you.

Should you not understand, or better yet DECIDE not to understand.. Like I said you are at war with the thought and you feel that you have the urge to defeat it but you can’t, you never will be able to because the truth is the truth.. If you have two sockets in your skull and you have 2 eyes, well then, you have 2 eyes. Fair enough?

Write me a comment below of your thought and I shall answer if it is specifically and accurately related to this post.

Again, I have to note that this post is not meant to attack you as you might perceive. Instead, I’m simply asking you to be more open-minded and try to see the truth not with your eyes, but with your heart.

There’s no right and right, no wrong and wrong. There’s only right and wrong.. Just like light cannot exist without darkness, and darkness cannot exist without light.

Thank you for reading and salam.



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