The Odd One Out

Update: 30-Aug-2015
>> It’s near the end of 2015, and I still do not/did not/never will own a Facebook account. Not trying to prove anything, I’m just saying!

During the past week, we were asked by three lecturers on three non-consecutive days in three non-consecutive classes…….. Wait, what am I saying?!


Picture this: You’re in class with all your friends and classmates. The lecture is going on. Suddenly, the lecturer pops up the magical question with 100% certainty on his/her face that the magical question will surely yield NO raised hands, not even one. It’s a sure thing! Or is it?

Lecturer’s inquiry: “Who does NOT have a facebook account here?” Mind you, 100% certainty is in play here.

Lecturer’s own-almost-immediate answer: “No one of us does NOT have a facebook account, we ALL have one” with a non-sarcastic smile.

You know what’s funny? He/she doesn’t even notice my hand raised and I am sitting in the front row, merely a meter away.

The lecturer is shocked and about to go into a major trauma. No really, I’m just exaggerating. For real though, there is a “wow” expression on the face and the eyebrows go on full stretch. I was afraid it would get stuck up there and never come back down to it’s original position.

So he/she asked: “Do you really not have a facebook account?

I answered: “Yes”.

A classmate beside me asked as he could not believe what he was listening to: “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” “Do you really not own a facebook account or are you just joking?”

As I was about to answer, a friend of mine from behind raced me to answer: “Yes, he is serious!”

The duration of the above scenario took no more than 10 seconds in all three cases but the atmosphere suddenly becomes full of silence – silence that makes you feel you’re suddenly in the North Pole.

The thing with people nowadays is that they just ASSUME (assumptions built on personal experience) more than ever before, that whatever they have or do, others have or do the same way too. That is simply not true.

Open your mind and think differently. Don’t be the “default” the world wants you to become. In the end, humans are the same and not the same in an unthinkable unique manner.

Final note: Respect to all my friends, lecturers and classmates, previous and present! No offense was/is intended in any way and hopefully none is taken.

Thank you for reading.


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