On The Chair (Updates Inside!)

The doctor promised I would be fully asleep while working on it. Much to my surprise, I was fully awake during the whole process.

It was like The Matrix. Well, except for a few major differences, one of which is that it wasn’t a movie to begin with. I’ve pre-taken two pills at home. A blue pill for “sleeping” and a red pill which was a painkiller. Confused enough?  No more torturing with confusion, please read on.

Yesterday on the 9th of October 2010, I went to get my bottom-right wisdom tooth off. My parents accompanied me to the clinic. We arrived just on time – 2 P.M as scheduled with the doctor’s appointments. At this time, the blue pill’s effect has kicked in while I was still in the car (not driving of course) and I started feeling dizzy and had a heavy-headed sensation. Since I was dizzy, my balance was obviously off, so I had to lean on my father during the short walking distance to the clinic.

The moment we went in, the doctor asked me in. Laying on the chair, I expected to be sleeping shortly. But as nervousness started building up, it was apparent to me that my eyes just won’t shut off. I felt betrayed a little bit because the doctor promised and assured me a week prior to the day of removal that I would be fully unconscious during the process. But I wasn’t mad. I guess I was a bit naïve. They did mention that it was going to be half-anesthesia as opposed to an operation room’s full anesthesia.

Firstly, three injections were applied to the bottom-right wisdom tooth area one after the other. I’d be lying if I said it hurt, perhaps only mild pain. The doctor then began cutting the bottom-right gum near the said tooth. I didn’t feel a thing there. The doctor started digging. The nasty part was breaking the wisdom tooth as the doctor dug in further. It’s worth noting that breaking the wisdom tooth into several parts was the only choice because the tooth was not upright. If the tooth was upright, it would be pulled out just like any other tooth.

I could see the instruments being used and hear the drilling, twisting, cracking and pulling of the tooth. It was like an annoying symphony of tooth demolition. The final two remaining parts of the cracked tooth were the most painful and I’d go as far as to say it was painful enough (no screaming though) that the three injections for numbing that area almost didn’t have any effect in easing the pain due to the twisting and pulling of the last two bits of the tooth. A few minutes later, I felt relief as the doctor announced the near-end of the process. I mentioned the near-end because we shouldn’t forget the final part which is the gum stitching!

For once in my life, I never thought I’d ever witness my mouth gums getting stitched while fully awake. Suffice to say, I felt the needle going in and out and as the medical thread was being pulled through and pushed into the gums, but it was only a “sensation” without any pain whatsoever. I was certainly glad that the stitching wasn’t painful at all. Another announcement by the doctor and as expected, it was the final announcement that we were officially done.

I was glad all went well, and thanked the doctor for performing such a great job. I wanted to mention the “no sleeping” part but let it go as what was done is done and we couldn’t go back to that no matter what. Several pills were prescribed – painkillers, antibiotics and a medicine that counteracts the side-effect of the painkiller which is stomach sourness and which I am unfortunately easily prone to. Salt water mouth rinsing was also advised for getting rid of the infection the second day after the operation. It’s been a full day since the removal and I’m on the road to recovery and feeling well.

For the first day, only cold foods such as cold juice and/or ice cream are allowed. Second and third day, room temperature liquids and/or ice cream as well. The other days, we shall see. I will update so stay tuned.

I did not intend for this post to sound like some dentist horror flick and I sure hope you didn’t get it like that either. I also hope that whoever reads this and intends to have one or more of their wisdom teeth removed to get the idea that today’s technology plays a big role in easing pain, speeding up and simplifying complex operations and recovery. In short, it’s neither scary nor painful (well, a little painful) but it’s well worth it. That is, if and only if you require wisdom tooth removal.

Update (3 days after wisdom tooth removal) – October 12th, 2010 :

While I have been recovering well, I became over excited on the second day after operation and utilized my mouth (talked, laughed, smiled) more than I should. Woke up this morning feeling sharp pain, so sharp it’s even worse than first day’s pain. Had a quick warm liquid breakfast and took the painkiller and the other prescribed pills. Painkiller’s effect only started kicking in after around 70 minutes. Surprisingly, since the morning, the pain arrived prematurely – painkiller’s effect is supposed to last 8 hours. It’s happening again in the afternoon. Painkiller’s effect must stay from 8 AM to around 4 PM. Pain arrived again prematurely since around 2:30 PM. Not pleasant, I’ll tell you. I’ll be taking the painkiller shortly though, as it’s almost 4 PM now (at the time of updating this post).

Update (4 days after wisdom tooth removal) – October 13th, 2010 :

Recovering really slowly. Pain is becoming a little milder when the painkiller’s effect ends, so that’s a somewhat good improvement. My jaws, teeth and mouth as a whole miss the feeling of crushing tasty foods, so it’s only natural for my mouth to feel literally lazy and inefficient. Also, I refrained from speaking too much as it helps quicken recovery. Feeling my right gums are a bit tight perhaps due to them getting naturally rebuilt and fixed with some aid from the medical thread. Speaking of which, my biggest annoyance is the medical thread’s stitch. I absolutely detest the medical thread in my gums. Did I mention how much I hate the medical thread? I keep assuring myself that no matter how long recovery will take, it is only temporary and that others have gone through worse in terms of dealing with pain or loss of loved ones and so on and so forth — so I realize that my pain is so insignificant when compared, for example, to a woman giving birth, or some person getting their arms or legs amputated — just my way for staying optimistic.

Update October 14th & 15th 2010:

On 14th of October, I only had to take the painkiller pill in the morning. That was the last time I had to because the pain was mild enough to be ignored. From then on, I’m doing well without the painkiller, which is good. Though I still take my antibiotic as it’s obviously a must, until the 16th of October, that is. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow (October 16th) to get that pesky medical thread removed at last! Everyone is saying the thread removal doesn’t hurt. I sure hope so. We shall see!  

Update October 16th 2010:

Pesky medical thread removed! I can eat anything now except I still have to chew on the left side of the mouth because it’s painful to chew on the right side. The doctor said that the intentionally drilled bones will begin rebuilding themselves in that area so it will hurt a bit every once in a while. It’s been a quick recovery alhamdulillah.
Thank you for reading.



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