Dissecting ‘Food Inc.’

First of all, I’d like to repeat what I have already mentioned in this post. Please be as skeptical as you can about all the news you read or hear about around the world whether it be from the idiot box (also known as television), internet, newspapers, magazines and rumors. Now this relates especially to popular news, such as current happenings, wars and natural disasters.  The reason why I’m nagging you the reader to be skeptical will be explained below. So bear with me, will you?

A long time ago, I watched “Fast Food Nation” and was disgusted probably like everyone else because the truth being revealed was ugly, so was the food.
Then I watched “Food Inc.” at home 3 weeks ago. I decided to keep my concentration crisp while watching it and tried to be not so amazed by what I was about to hear and see since I’ve already seen disgusting images in “Fast Food Nation”.
See, here comes the part where I apply the “be skeptical” magic. Let’s raise this question: how can a movie like “Food Inc.” which is supposedly revealing the truth about fast food industries, be allowed to be made and sold on DVD without getting sued in the first place? The answer is simple. Advertising in a rather unusual way; a two-way benefit for the director of this movie and the companies being mentioned as bad junk food companies. But what does that mean?
It means there’s something fishy going on and unfortunately, viewers fell into the trap of just saying ‘yes that’s true!’ or ‘oh my God’ in their own minds, while not even realizing the advertising pattern that’s appearing right before their eyes! Can you see the pattern below?
Rather than concentrating more on advising us to eat and live healthier, this movie is more concerned about advertising for all these companies. Apparently, big money is being made with these advertisements. This answers the first question too. Why did they let this movie be published? That’s because it’s very clear the makers of this movie are members of fast food promoters. They are promoting it in a way that seems innocent and eye-popping. They show us the bad and good + brand names, which seems balanced to the viewer. However, in reality, advertisements outweigh the “eat & live healthy/stay away from fast food” message in the movie.
The viewer is provided with a lot of good advice and enlightenment throughout the movie but that still doesn’t make the movie legit. This is done to “balance out” the advertising effect, otherwise the viewer might notice. The only thing that would make this movie legit would be if it haven’t mentioned or shown (indirectly promoting) any brand logo or name and just talked about fast food  poison and the companies in general, without mentioning any names whatsoever.
Let’s finish off with this quote:

“It’s marvelous what you can see when you open your eyes.” – Source unknown

Disclaimer: No research has been done regarding my analysis about “Food Inc.”, except for what I have already seen and knew. Still, that doesn’t render my personal interpretations and analyses invalid.

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