Time Travel in a Photograph

The photo has been snapped by the person, processed at the photography studio and then put in an album. The album is placed in a drawer.

Several years later, the person finds this album that has been covered with dust, opens the album and finds the picture that have now become a precious memory. The person is now in a state of nostalgia, wanting to go back to that moment. The mind makes this possible by taking that person on a virtual journey through its wormhole to that place at that moment in time. The person then lives the moment found in the photograph and becomes detached from reality.. gets lost there for a while, as if everything is merely a dream.

Confusion strikes abruptly, leaving the person motionless, staring at the photo but not really knowing what is going on anymore. The mind decides to take action. It quickly pulls the person forcefully out of its wormhole of visual memory. The person realizes the transformation from past to reality and that all of what has been seen was just a memory, a second in time printed on paper. It was just a second, but that second spoke a thousand words. The person goes back to a normal state of mind with mixed but pleasant emotions, puts that album back in the drawer, shuts the drawer and leaves with a smile.

That person is me.

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