Just Another Ridiculous Trend

  Last updated: July 2015

I felt encouraged to write this post due to the fact that a number of people I’ve met actually agree with the following opinion.

When someone paints something, whether it’s an abstract, 2D, 3D painting or even none of these, the canvas is transformed and our perception of the canvas is transformed as well. The canvas becomes no more. We do not look at the canvas, we look at the painting through the canvas which acts as a window to another world – the painting.

No matter how huge, beautiful and time-consuming a painting  might be, even with the above description which makes it a beautiful experience, the fact that you can sell a considerably new painting for a high price is purely ridiculous. This relates especially to abstract paintings, where absolutely anyone can carry a few buckets of paint and splash colors randomly on a canvas that is resting on the floor or hanging on a wall. Now, abstraction is still art and it is still very appreciated. I’m certainly not against abstract art either, neither am I jealous. It also doesn’t stop an artist from being an artist. But the fact that you can do something that was barely time-consuming to say the least and still profit from it, is mind boggling. It’s incomprehensible chaos.
Let’s make our own, shall we? Go get a piece of paper, a blue and red pen plus a pencil or any medium of your choice. Scribble splash do whatever but leave out the corners, concentrate on the middle. Now finish up, wait for it to dry, frame it and hang it on your wall. Congratulations. All done. You just made a masterpiece of your own. See what I mean?
The moral of the story is abstract paintings are nice to make but need not be sold. It’s simply unnecessary. Oh and just for fun. Go ahead and try to sell it to your local museum. Give it a shot. I bet they’ll offer you a generous price. It’s art after all, isn’t it?

Did you know? Oh you probably do.
Art museums such as Musée du Louvre never hang the genuine paintings on their walls. The ones you see in the museum are precise copies of the original. The genuine paintings are hidden to keep predators away. Isn’t it obvious?


2 thoughts on “Just Another Ridiculous Trend

  1. i for one, cant understand/appreciate abstract art either O.o

    what a bummer bout the museum thing. you pay to get in, queue up for hours to see a replica.


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