Will Smith Said:

“Parents Just Don’t Understand.”

I say:

“Teachers Just Don’t Understand.”

Teachers… Lecturers…. Professors….

Somehow, people from the previous generation, and those who live long enough to see two consecutive generations of theirs – just don’t get the idea that our generation’s trend, style and way of life is so fast-changing and that everyday pressures are generously high.

In every country I’ve been to, lecturers have this mindset which is the absolute opposite to the students’ mindsets. They think that by telling us how hard and pressured their past was, this would make us feel less pity for ourselves and make our lives easier in a blink of an eye.

I’m not saying lecturers and the like must change their mindsets in order to go parallel with ours. I’m just saying they must quit this old  habit of trying to make us feel better.

I’m also not discouraging lecturers to make their students feel gloomy or not to cheer them up. On the contrary, I’m all for cheering up, but there are certainly other simple ways to achieve that, not that I have any to propose for a start. It’s time for a change!

Lastly, please do not take any offense if it happens that any of my lecturers is reading this. I just had to let it out for it’s been haunting me wherever I go, for years!



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