Insane future attempts

  Last updated: July 2015
Things I want to do before my time comes mainly involve activities that trigger adrenaline rush…
As the list progresses downwards, activities will become less realistic and more insane.
– Mountain biking
– Flying an airplane
– Bungee jumping
– Skydiving & parachuting
– Space tourism (not that I will ever have the budget for that)
– Poking a bear and running away from him (hey, sounds fun)
– Sitting on the roof of a fast car driven by someone else going 240 Km/h (always told my father I wanted to do this when I was little, but he wouldn’t let me. I can see why now.)
– Surfing on the back of a tsunami (not sure how I can arrange that though) by going to Japan at any time.
To clear up, these thoughts were not made up right this moment (except for poking the bear). These are things I honestly wished and still wish to attempt, regardless of end-results. To me, no adventure, no life.
If you’re curious to ask me which activity in the list I would choose as the first to attempt, I’d easily say skydiving & parachuting.

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